the crafty curmudgeon


I’ve been reading an article called “The Negative Side of Positive Psychology,” by Carol Tavris, social psychologist.  It’s just what I needed! Justification and positive feedback for my grumpiness:

“Optimists are more likely to keep gambling even when they keep losing money …”
“… (optimists are) more vulnerable to depression when the rosy, hoped for outcome does not occur.”
“… being in a down, melancholy mood can improve memory, reduce errors in judgement, boost motivation, increase the politeness of one’s requests to others, reduce selfishness in favor of fair play …”

You can read more, including her sources for this information, in the recent issue of Skeptic magazine.  Volume 19, #3. Or not. What do I care?



One thought on “the crafty curmudgeon

  1. Lucy

    I will start by saying this comment really belongs elsewhere , but I find I cannot navigate well.

    So this is posted under a cat pix, at least. When u mentioned your metaphorical previous lifetime, I started wondering if life is a huge zero sum game that we don’t notice because it just quietly operates in the background, furiously adding and subtracting. So, if u have two lives, does your cat now have eight?

    Also wanted to post about the computer exhibit. Can’t find it again. So I’ll just say that I drove across the country one summer and came upon a wonderful computer museum pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I hate to use the word “literally,” but I think this museum’s location actually qualifies as being literally in the middle of nowhere. Part of the beauty of life: its sheer randomness.

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