backwards man – it’s complicated


Handedness – is it understood exactly how or why this works? I’ve read that most animals have a preferred paw, claw, or hoof.  True? I don’t know.


My own situation is ambiguous. At work I consistently use a mouse with my right hand, with the left-side mouse clicker being the “main” clicker.  At home, I always use my left hand for mouse work. Again, using the left-side mouse clicker as the main one. Somehow I naturally fell into this pattern.


Maybe it’s not that unusual, I don’t know. I only recently noticed it. I already knew I was an ambidextrosity! Handwriting, scissoring, and most fine-motor controlling with the left, but Frisbee throwing and other sports-type activities with the right.

Trying to play piano, I’ll sometimes mistakenly play the right-hand part with my left on the wrong part of the keyboard. Piano is pure weirdness. Playing legato in one hand and staccato in the other makes my neurons sweat. Trying to play something chord-like using  fingers 2, 3, and 5 can be excruciating. handa


I read that handedness has something to do with which eye you favor. And that preference is based on “cerebral lateralization,” which is how and where the brain processes information. True? I don’t know.

I was never forced to use the right hand by mean teachers, so far as I can remember. I’ve read that because so many tools are made for righties, lefties are forced to develop some dexterity with the right.hand2


Finally, when I look in a mirror, my left hand appears as a monkey claw that’s trying to tell me something in pidgin sign language. So far I’ve made out the words … “banana” and “more.” Believe me? This will figure into a play I write whenever I write plays again.



2 thoughts on “backwards man – it’s complicated

  1. gl.

    “Finally, when I look in a mirror, my left hand appears as a monkey claw that’s trying to tell me something in pidgin sign language.” this sounds like one of the things that happens to you when you’re having a stroke. 😉

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