where did i say you could purchase the spectral zoology cards?


Not Amazon. Not right now. Amazon, in its finite wisdom, mailed me today and said,

As we announced earlier this year, the Holiday Selling Guidelines for the Toys & Games store go into effect on November 18, 2014. Sellers must meet those guidelines to sell in Toys & Games store through the remainder of the year.

We regret that you do not meet the Holiday Selling Guidelines and may not sell seller-fulfilled items in Toys & Games during the holiday season. You may sell in Toys & Games again on or before January 3, 2015.

Of course, I only posted my product there five days ago, so I didn’t get an announcement earlier this year. I only experienced my product being wiped from their site without warning. One of the guidelines I didn’t fulfill was having sold something prior to September 18, which of course was impossible.

The company’s rules also don’t enable me to place my product in a different category to escape their Holiday Toys & Games rules. (Unless I wanted to try to pass my cards off as clothing or garden supplies.) The only alternative they provided was to ship them a pile of card decks and then pay them a monthly fee to fulfill the orders for me. This would wipe out any prospect of even breaking even on my small-time biz gambit.

So I’m selling my cards right here on the Spectral Zoology home site. They will also return to Amazon in January.



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