far-off memories


Listening to the excellent You Are Not So Smart podcast today prompted me to think about my early memories.  I recommend the current episode about the fallibility of memory. One of the guests quotes the memory expert, Elizabeth Loftus, saying that memory is like a Wikipedia page – you can edit it and others can edit it too. Listen to the episode to get the full story.

Meanwhile – here are some of my early memories:

Number please? The first phone I can remember had no dial. You picked it up and an operator asked what number you wanted, which usually started with “GL8,” or 458, which was and still is the local exchange. Today I researched some info on phones and learned that while most phone systems switched to rotary dials in the 40s, some operator-assisted phone systems lasted into the 70s. Is this memory real or not? How would I find out? I think it’s real and that our phone looked something like this, only dark black:


The Rex Theater. Recently I blogged about a faint memory of seeing a film, The First Spaceship on Venus at my hometown theater. It would be great to confirm that it played there and to find out what year, but that’s lost to time I guess. I also remember seeing the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger, there. My parents were reluctant to let me go to that one. I vaguely remember seeing Master of the World (1961), which is now on YouTube. I believe Roger Corman’s beatnik horror film Bucket of Blood (1959) came around then but I didn’t get to see it.


TV. I remember seeing the classic Indian-head test pattern on our television. Is that a real memory or am I just remembering it from the opening sequence of The Outer Limits, (which is a great memory by itself)?

That’s all for now. Maybe next time there will be some visions of the future to relate.


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