what I learned on my first chilly hilly in about 20 years

  1. The guy standing next to us in line for the Bainbridge ferry experienced a cardiac arrest on last year’s ride. Some CPR-savvy individuals came to his aid. He was back this year, planning to walk up some of the steeper hills, and also intending to meet up with a few of his saviors from last year.
  2. I can ride up every dang hill, no matter how steep, without stopping. There is considerable huffing and puffing involved.
  3. My foot hurts. The one that I take off the pedal and put on the pavement. when I stop the bike. By the end of the day it was seriously aching.
  4. I don’t like riding with 4,400 people. Hard to relax and enjoy when someone is always passing you or vice versa. Riding on and off ferries in a mob is crazy.
  5. It was a good trainer for the RSVP.
  6. Chafing happens.

Below: the ferry wait and the eastward view from Bainbridge Island.



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