birthday month events coming up


That’s right, I’m stilling making up for multiple uncelebrated birthdays from my past. Items so far planned:

The Replacements. In concert. Likely to be fun. It’s a chance to relive a late 80s phenomenon that I missed the first time around. Earplugs. Sweat. Great songs.

The Moisture Festival. It’s the annual vaudeville event here in my neighborhood. It goes on for several weeks, but it will be only one night for me. One of the performers that night is Baby Gramps, who has played just about every folk-and-hippie-flavored music festival in the Northwest and probably everywhere else over the last 40 years. He opened for Phish, he played the Letterman show, he busked on the corner. Now he’s just down the block.

Damon & Naomi. I just happened across the news that these two will be playing the Skychurch at EMP on my bday. Never heard of ’em, till I realized they are 2/3 of the legendary Galaxie 500. They’re playing a live soundtrack to a movie that Naomi Yang made. They are free with admission. If it’s not to my liking, I’ll spend more time at the science fiction museum.

Elvis Costello. In concert, solo. I’ve see him three times before over the years, and two of out of three were really excellent, so he gets another chance. I have a good seat.

An actual birthday celebration is undecided yet. It’s hard to top the double-blinded ice cream taste-test party from a couple years back. Maybe this one will involve pitching rubber rodents, pho slurping, or backwards singing (to find satanic messages).


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