new bicycle acquired – cannondale quick cx4


I love my old bike. It’s served me well for 22 years, but I decided it was time to upgrade to slightly newer technology. When I looked for a new ride, I discovered many surprising advances that have popped up in the last 20 years:

  • Disk brakes. No more brake shoes dragging on the rims.
  • Easy gear change. You can change gears with a little thumb twitch now.
  • Round wheels! Someone discovered that it’s easier to pedal with circular wheels instead of the old square and triangle shapes.

So here it is –


Hydraulic disk brakes. Smooth ride. The fork is aluminum, and the knife and spoon are solid gold. All I need to do is ride it. And for that, all I need to do is cure my never-ending wrist pain – possibly De Quervain’s tendosynovitis. (By the way, Fritz De Quervain was a Swiss surgeon. He is responsible for introducing the use of iodized salt to prevent goiter.)

This also means that a vintage Bridgestone X-03, metal-flake green, is available for as much as I can squeeze out of the right buyer. Interested?


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