lewis & clark: meals on the road


I’ve been reading the journals of Lewis and Clark. I highly recommend this particular book: The Lewis and Clark Journals: An American Epic of Discovery. U. of Nebraska Press. Gary Moulton, editor. Nicely chosen journal entries with occasional entries from other members of the expedition other than the leaders.

Here are some of my favorite quotes regarding what they ate along the way. The spelling is as they wrote it. The first one refers to a porcupine that Lewis found in a cottonwood tree and killed.

“…the flesh of this anamal is a pleasant and whoalsome food – the quills had not yet attained their usual length.”  September 13, 1804. Meriwether Lewis

“The flesh of the beaver is esteemed a delecacy among us; I think the tale a most delicious morsal, when boiled it resembles in flavor the fresh tongues and sounds of the codfish…”
May 2, 1805. Meriwether Lewis

“Most of our people having been accustomed to meat, do not relish the fish, but prefer dog meat; which, when well cooked, tastes very well.”
October 11, 1805.  Patrick Gass

Next up: medical treatment 200 years ago



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