act and book it


Thanks to my Chinook coupon “book” (it’s actually on my phone), I saw two plays for cheap this weekend. Here are mini-mini write-ups.

I saw “Threesome” at ACT. Wanted to see it because of the reviews and because the author used to attend a playwright’s group I belonged to. Glad to see Yussef El Guindi succeeding.

Among other things, the play makes a hard-hitting statement about female subjugation. Particularly cutting is the isolation experienced by the this play’s Egyptian-American protagonist. The first act is light and funny, while the second strips all the niceties away.

I also saw Book It Repertory’s production of “Slaughterhouse-5.” What a tremendous job they did with this. Because it’s Book It, every word spoken is straight from book, and it pays off beautifully. Wonderfully staged and creatively imagined, it clearly delivered all the themes from the book with Vonnegut’s humor and poignancy.

It’s a little miracle of a show. Reminds me of the time years ago when the former Theater Babylon suddenly pulled out a brilliant production of “Streetcar Named Desire.”

All hail local theater.sh_5


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