bike tunnels and ice caves


Bicycled from North Bend up to the old Snoqualmie railroad tunnel this weekend. We were pretty tired when we arrived there and didn’t go through the 2.3 mile tunnel and back, but are eager to leave earlier next time and do the tunnel and more. Notice that the mountainside above, which is the summit of Snoqualmie Pass, is bare of snow.



Speaking of snow, a few days ago a person was killed and others seriously injured in the Big Four ice cave, which was melting in June at the rate it usually does in August. Hot summer. No matter what time of year, it’s not a good idea to go into these ice caves.

I recall visiting the Paradise Ice Caves at Mt. Rainier sometime in the 80s. We went just inside the entrance and looked around. Upon exiting, a ranger appeared and told us that it was not unusual for ice boulders the size of a Volkswagen to come crashing down in there. I was properly chastened.

Today the site of the Paradise Cave I visited is an open expanse of rocks and dirt. The caves melted away by the early 90s. There are some before and after images here.

By the way, Mt. Rainier is melting.


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