more cycles


Now that I have my bike back and repaired I’m ramping up again to train for that first 106-mile day of the RSVP. Today there wasn’t much time so I rode the Burke-Gilman Trail.

¿Que es mas loco? The people with no bike helmets at all, or the people who have a helmet attached to a backpack or hung from the handlebars?

Thank you, woman-on-the-bike-trail-who-lost-control-of-your-dog. It was just terrific to come around a curve and see your dog running across the trail, it’s leash stretched out across the entire path like a deadly booby-trap. I braked hard and no one got hurt … this time.

Earlier in the ride, another couple with a dog took up the width of the trail while they dithered about what direction to take. They seemed utterly oblivious to bicycles coming at them from both directions.

If only the world was as courteous and thoughtful as me, the perfect bicyclist.



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