birds of a cranky feather


Creationists, global warming denialists, anti-vaccine proponents – what do they have in common? They all think scientific consensus is either outright wrong or just an opinion put forth for some political or monetary reason. All three groups are motivated by ideology.

How do we know they’re motivated by ideology? Because they completely ignore equally solid scientific confirmation in areas that don’t push their buttons. You rarely hear a creationist complain about Newton’s laws of motion and want to ban teaching them in school. Not many climate change deniers write editorials trying to tear down the theory behind how bumblebees fly.

Only when a pet belief is threatened do people suddenly become experts or at least doubters regarding a field they know little about.

I’m not saying I’m immune from this sort of thing. In fact, if I was told that chocolate is really bad for me — a slow-acting poison — I would have a difficult time with it, even if the majority of biologists, nutritionists, pathologists, and so on, all converged on the same truth and published it in top peer-reviewed journals.

“You can have my choco when you pry my cold, dead fingers from the wrapper!”

“It’s a conspiracy by Big Flavor – the vanilla and strawberry marketers.”

May we all finally come around when the evidence is in our faces and not be grumpy birds.



9 thoughts on “birds of a cranky feather

  1. I think your argument works against itself. The fact that they don’t argue Newton’s laws, or the aerodynamics of bumble bees demonstrates full well that these people are well aware of scientific accomplishments. It is much more likely they are very suspicious of governmental overreach, and question the ‘scientific consensus’ which relies on a trillion dollars in research grants and has been wrong in its predictions time after time – finally resorting to changing the raw data… the latest wrinkle.

    • dangblog

      Your reply doesn’t make sense to me. The fact that some people deny evolution but not other science – that means they are suspicious of government spending and overreach?

  2. Your problem is lumping Creationists, and anti-vaccine proponents together with people who reject the tyrannical methods currently used to promote the Global Warming agenda.

    • dangblog

      How can we not lump them together? The anti-vaxxers see tyrannical Big Pharma and government twisting the facts to suit an agenda. The creationists see the tyrannical methods of secular humanists twisting the facts to suit an agenda.

  3. What separates the Global Warming cynics from the others, is the failure of their dire predictions, time after time. And yet, they continue to be the ‘experts’. The only time this occurs is when one is an expert by fiat.

  4. dangblog

    Each of the three groups think their particular case is somehow different. Each think that *they* should be the ones to interpret and decide what’s true in areas they know little about. This occurs when ideology is threatened. I would add the anti-GMO crowd to this list also.

  5. yacman

    It seems like the global climate deniers have been getting quieter lately (no data, just my impression). I think that the widespread and obvious evidence of global climate change has stifled many of their criticisms. The deniers have to reach ever-higher up the tree to find cherries to pick in support of their arguments and some of them might be concerned that they might start to look as foolish as creationists and flat-earthers.

    • dangblog

      You may be right about denial getting quieter. It will certainly take it’s place alongside denial that tobacco smoking is bad for you. That’ s another very similar case.

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