what’s a few miles between friends?


So I’ve been bicycling my butt off to get ready for the RVSP (Ride from Seattle to Vancouver & Party), which is just two weeks away. The ride was supposed to be 106 miles the first day and 82 miles the second day.

Recently the organizers sent an update email. After the big cheery RVSP banner, the mail had one article about documentation at the Canadian border and another about a new route due to road construction at the border.

New route, eh? I looked closer, and down in the second paragraph it says, “The new route will add 17 miles to your Day 2 ride …” Dang! If I survived the first day, I was counting on:

  1. A miracle wind at my back to push me the rest of the way to B.C.
  2. A bite by a radioactive spider that would give me the proportional strength of cycling spider.
  3. A geological transformation that makes the landscape all downhill from Bellingham to Vancouver.

These events aren’t likely, and now there are 17 more miles. The organizers should not have stuck this news in the latter part of an email like an after-thought. Also, I should be in better shape.





5 thoughts on “what’s a few miles between friends?

  1. Lil bro

    Yike, that is tough news. Make sure you drink and eat a lot, take breaks every 10 miles or so, and have lubricant for your butt and crotch area (available at all good bike shops).

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