war on fruit flies


I’ve escalated the war on fruit flies that hang out by the indoor compost container. This is a “sundew” plant of the drosera family. Got it at the Fremont market.

Fruit flies stick to little hairs because they have a “viscous mucilage” on them. They stick like fly paper, then the plant oozes some chemicals that break down the bug and its nutrients are absorbed into the leaf.

“Viscous Mucilage” is probably already the name of a band, so don’t bother.

Also, you’re thinking, “Hey doesn’t ‘drosera’ sound similar to ‘drosophila.’ which we all remember as the genus of the fruit flies we did experiments with in biology class?” Yup. “Drosos” means “dew,” and “phila” of course means love. “Dew loving.”



4 thoughts on “war on fruit flies

  1. bro

    You could also put an almost empty beer bottle out next to your flesh eating plant, they fly in but cant figure how to get out.

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