Superpig and Porky, oil on canvas


Someone from the Louvre keeps contacting me about this painting. It’s an upcoming exhibit, “American Neorealist Heroes of the Barnyard,” I think. Or was that the one at the J. Paul Getty? Maybe the show in Paris was called “Transcendental Pork: 1965 – 1975.” I can’t keep them all straight.

In any case, this painting is not going to travel. I could insure it for hundreds of millions of dollars, but what is left me, or the world, if it sinks to the bottom of the ocean or burns in a fiery accident while in transit? No, my 1973 masterwork is staying right where it is. It’s already sustained water damage and bending. No more.

But for those who can live with a photograph, I give you –

Superpig and Porky: Commemorating Five Years of Unflinching Battle Against the Forces of Butchery


This work is 14″ x 18″, and most find it startling in its raw, superluminous intensity. Despite the tragic blotching in the upper center, the artist’s intentions reach us with clear immediacy. The mature Superpig smiles sagely and is seemingly relaxed, but his message of vegetarian superiority is all the more compelling due to this comforting, natural stance. Porky, meanwhile, shines with the vigor of youth, his uniform form-fitting and new. He looks slightly upward, as if anticipating the years of superheroics ahead. Yellow stars rise into the brightening green, bringing joy and hope. We feel that the practice of animal slaughter cannot possibly withstand the glare of truth and porcine energy.


2 thoughts on “Superpig and Porky, oil on canvas

  1. Alan Goldsmith

    The word ‘masterpiece’ doesn’t quite give this work of 20th century genius the true credit it deserves. Sad when language fails us Danny. This painting demands the invention of a new word to cover its greatness.

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