more words laid to rest


These are words and phrases to destroy.

“Nestled” when describing the location of a town or village. Examples: “Dogville is nestled at the foot of Wiggly Mountain.” In point of fact, every stinking town in every travel site or brochure and in every human interest story in the world, is nestled somewhere. Stop.

Science-related stories: Never, ever again use any variation of Einstein’s “God doesn’t play dice with the world.” Never. Just tired of it, that’s all. While you’re at it, stop talking about Schroedinger’s cat, and “spooky action at a distance.” I don’t care if the cat is alive or if the action is spooky. Give it up. Think of a new way to talk about quantum physics. In fact, quantum physics is so misused that let’s just say QP for a while and quickly move past it.

Can we give the Fermi paradox a rest for a while? It might seem cool to say or write it, but it’s really just tiresome.

I’ve decided to give up “meme.”  I’ve rarely found it useful in a conversation. “Popular idea” or “viral concept” or even “idea” alone seems to work as well or better in most circumstances. And with those replacements, people don’t respond with, “What did you say? Mean? Beam?” So why bother? For now, meme is out.

Curmudgeon is going to stay. I might have it tattooed on the palm of each hand.



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