moby octopad


half full glass of wine


This is a great evocation of Cream and other 60s bands. Some may think it’s too much of a copy – right down to the typical drum solo at the end. I think it’s an affectionate tribute.

shock music for hi-fi


I don’t know why this old vinyl album came to mind today. Looks like it was released in 1958 -1959. My parents had it in the Hi-Fi console (this is before Wi-Fi, kids) along with their Tijuana Brass albums and the soundtrack to Camelot. There was also my sister’s Beach Party album by Annette Funicello, but I’m getting off track.

Each track on “Shock” was a little horror vignette with occasional voices. I remember in one of them, the music reached fever pitch and then a man’s voice screamed in horror. Everything went quiet except for some whistling at the very end.

I was scared of this record, especially the wait for the scream. Why was it on my parent’s shelf? Don’t know. Maybe they got it because it was made for Hi-Fi and they wanted to hear the full Hi-Fi effect. Just like a later generation would get “made in stereo” records, and an even later generation would get the short-lived quadraphonic systems.

I paid no attention to the Creed Taylor Orchestra aspect of this album. Now I know – he was a Grammy Award winning producer who worked with Stan Getz, Bill Evans, and Joao Gilberto.

Check out one of the Shock tracks on YouTube!