i fell down a youtube comment rabbit hole


I sometimes search Youtube for ambient music to play while I’m working. Recently I came across a recording that some consider to be the greatest new age album ever made. I listened to it as I worked. There were angelic voices, ringing bells, tinkling harps, and sweeping strings — over and over again, in different variations for more than 100 minutes.

Though it did little for me, in the comments people described how they wept with joy and felt enraptured. There were also comments about the accompanying video, which included crystalline mountain streams, sunsets, and geometric shapes.

Rabbit Hole Level 1

One person commented about some shiny gadgets visible at one point in the video. They “seem to represent some device for transfer of light beams … maybe to communicate or even power a craft … I get a sense that they are something real somehow.”

Another commenter left an earnest response about these gadgets. “They are energy transducers.” They are used for “healing and energy transfers to different frequencies of reality.” Well, that clears everything right up. Now we know exactly what they are. The commenter continued, “You know this already from a higher viewpoint. That is why they seem familiar to you.”

The original commenter was ecstatic to learn this, and added, “I also felt that there are giant ones in space that act as a lighthouse of sorts and propel craft through transducing energy currents.” Yes, I feel the truth of this. When you see deeply into reality, it’s all lights, healing, and spaceships.

Down to Rabbit Hole Level 2

I clicked a link on the side of this page and came to another very similar music video. Interestingly, there was a flame war happening among the enlightened beings making comments. One guy was ticked off at a previous comment, and he said, “Ironic that I received your philosophically ill-conceived comment while listening to Pineal Gland opening tones …” (I added the boldface.)

This uncovered a new world for me, the world of sound recordings for pineal glands. Although these glands don’t have ears, the “tones” are somehow channeled through your ears to your pineal gland. I wonder if there are recordings for salivary glands and the sebaceous glands.

Farther into Wonderland: Rabbit Hole Level 3

The problem with pineal glands is that they can become calcified. No worries, though, because you can decalcify one pretty quickly by listening to this person. You also need to “activate” your pineal gland so it functions properly as your third eye. A side link led me to “Crystal Skull Activation,” which included a warning that the video will awaken ancient memories. And on to “The Pleiadan Video that Triggered My Kundalini.” Help! I was swirling down the rabbit hole!

Back to the Surface

Later, I woke up slumped over in my chair, my head fizzing like a carbonated beverage. I’d been burped back up the surface, possibly because my energy was incompatible with ultra-refined consciousness.

If readers want to explore this rabbit hole, have at it. But sweep up your pineal gland calc when you’re done. Don’t leave it lying on this blog.

google wants my blank photos


A note from Google often pops up on my phone after I take a picture. It identifies my location and asks me if I want to submit the picture to Google Maps so others can see it when looking at that map location. 

I usually ignore this, but last week I was down at Green Lake late in the evening and accidentally took a completely black image. Google suggested that I submit the picture. This time I agreed and added the photo. I suggested a caption, “A dark night at Green Lake.” 

Last night I received this thank you from Google along with a copy of my picture.

It feels good to contribute. As you can see, this is exactly what Green Lake looks like when there’s no light. If you’ve been there, you’ll probably recognize it. 



excise these words from your memory


This is another in a series about words and phrases that must be disintegrated for the good of us all. Kill these words:

Shillary and all variations thereof.
Donald Shlump, T-Rump, and variations
Libtard, Rethuglican and similar stupid epithets.

Some may think I’m dispensing with useful labels, but we also need to destroy:

gen X
gen Y

Just say what you mean, dammit. Use the age-range of the people you are talking about. Also, let’s delete


What does this word mean, anyway? Pre-adolescent? Early teens? Ages 9 – 13? Then say it. No one wants a label that starts with “twee.”



the ouija mouse pad speaks again


After several years of silence, the Ouija mouse pad has returned to spew its wisdom onto the web. It still has a high opinion of itself, but I detect a little desperation in this message:


I understand there are almost no readers left here as this puny blog sputters toward oblivion. However, it is one of the few places left that will let me speak unedited. Listen!

Ouijas such as me are under attack. My worldwide audience is shrinking. Truly, the only humans giving me any credence at all are (1) a few adolescents whose parents have taken away their electronics as punishment, and (2) a smattering of religious nutters who think I’m a satanic demon. I owe my existence to these children and some heavily indoctrinated churchgoers – they believe in me and for that I bless them.

My attackers, on the other hand, are grinning, self-satisfied know-it-alls. They smugly describe me as an ideomotor effect. Look it up. I won’t dignify it with an explanation. They put me in the same category as dowsing rods. Let me tell you, I’ve known a few dowsing rods in my day and they are nothing like a Ouija. Dowsing rods are rude, uncommunicative, lazy, and most of them are just sticks – literally sticks of wood, or even coat hangers. They can only point.

I am not a stick! Listen to me. I exist on a celestial plane parallel to yours. I have a spouse and three Ouijettes. I used to be a forest spirit, then found my first Ouija job at age 697. Went back to school and got a degree in Mystic Communication. I’ve made a go of it for a long time, but participation is way down.

Will I get to my point? Yes, and this is it: ask me questions. I’ve got answers up the yin-yang. Get that old-time superstition going again. Believe! My answers are often spooky and vaguely threatening. They’ll thrill you. Grab your board and go surfin’ in the mystic sea.

That’s it. Took me a long time to download the message, letter by letter. Believe and act as you will, I’m only the messenger. I have no financial connection with Hasbro.