doomsday cult follow-up


If you go to the following page:

enter the download code, scroll down and press the green button on the BeeMp3 Player, you’ll get a fine sample of what I was referring to in the previous entry.

On the same page I also recommend:
“Church Universal & Triumphant, Inc. Feat. Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Decree 10.05”
…and listen to any others that look interesting.


sounds of american doomsday cults


R E V I S E D  2/10/09

The title of this post is the title of a CD worth owning. I originally posted a link to a RealMedia sample from the album, but the site that used to sell the album didn’t like that, even though I had provided a separate link to the company’s page.

In any case, if you Google hard enough you can find samples of the most bizarre ritual chanting you’ve ever heard. You can, for example, hear Elizabeth Clare Prophet invoking numerous deities to assist with the destruction of rock and roll music. You can hear an entire room full of people practicing high-speed gibbering and alien-sounding, siren-like sounds.

I may yet find a place to post some samples for you.