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damon & naomi at the emp

I visited the Experience Music Project today to hear Damon & Naomi. They played for a tiny crowd of about 30 people plus passersby who stopped by to listen and then move on. They were there for part of a pop music festival.

It’s enjoyably wistful music. It’s one of the few times I’ve been lured into the EMP. They played a couple songs, then their latest album, which also functions as a soundtrack to a movie by Naomi. The huge, high-definition screen of the Sky Church made a striking background for them.


I’m sorry to say that the film is, at least to me, pretty bad. It features a person who seems to have no acting experience, trying to stare meaningfully into the distance. He strikes many poses that are meant to be dramatic and poignant. He finds tarot cards, he does tai chi-like movements, he looks out windows, curls up on the floor, looks at old photos, and some women appear and don’t do much of anything. Aaaagh. Maybe you’ll find more to like: https://vimeo.com/105007573 

I enjoyed the music, which ended with a cover of Yoko Ono’s “Listen, the Snow is Falling.” That was also covered by Galaxie 500, of which Damon & Naomi were 2/3.

damon_naomi4Outside in the Seattle Center, I found a fountain rainbow.


sf & fantasy short films

Attended this festival for the 3rd year, I think. Maybe 4th. Didn’t enjoy it quite so much this time. I was feeling sick but didn’t want to throw away my ticket, so I went. The theater got colder and colder so I was wearing my jacket and gloves by the end of the second set of films. Should have stayed home in bed.

I’m sure my physical state influenced my dim view of many of the films, but I did like some of movies and I found a few of them online. I’m watching on a wi-fi connection from my bed (still sick) and the Internet viewing is full of glitches and out of sync. You may have better results.

Eel Girl A horror film about a scientist who gets too close to his experiment.

Hirsute A time travel black comedy with a bad title. Reminded me just a little bit of my old play, “Date Me.” Unlike mine, this one didn’t have the brilliant addition of a person with an aquarium implanted in his posterior.

Time to sink back into blah-ville.

science fiction museum

Thanks to Scot’s two-for-one ticket, I made my first visit to the Science Fiction Museum. I was prepared to say, “So what? There’s Capt. Kirk’s chair. Big deal,” but instead I really liked it. Sure, you might expect me to like it because I’ve been reading SF since my first comic book. Because I read the small number of SF books in my hometown library multiple times, watched the TV premiere of Star Trek in 1966, saw The Angry Red Planet at my hometown theater, and belonged to the Science Fiction Book Club when I was in high school. But I’m also pretty picky and critical about subjects I know, and I liked this.

(Could I have really seen The Angry Red Planet? Released in 1960? I think I did. I remember the survivors walking off the spaceship at the beginning. Seem to remember someone getting sucked into the sand and disappearing forever.)

Anyway, it’s a great museum. It’s bigger than I expected, with two levels of exhibits. It rightly pays homage to the 50s pulp magazines. I liked the tribute to SF fandom, including faded copies of fanzines, and even an old mimeograph machine. There is a beer can from “Red Dwarf”! There is a life-size replica of “Forbidden Planet’s” Robby the Robot. Nice presentation on Mars. The space-dock was nifty, with famous spaceships from SF history cruising by on a huge digital display. Then there is Harlan Ellison’s first typewriter. And of course, the zero-gravity toilet instructions from “2001: A Space Odyssey” are on the restroom wall.

Complaints? Sure. Why display interviews with movie directors when there are so many smart SF authors and experts out there? Less glamour, more substance. Why aren’t all of my favorite books and authors featured? At $13, the admission is more than the Seattle Aquarium, and you know it’s got to cost a lot more to keep all those octopi and fish alive. I’ll be waiting for another two-for-one opportunity for the SFM.