REI wants me to stop buying stuff (except for the things that really matter)



I received an 8-1/2″ x 11″ color booklet in the mail from REI. On the second page it tells about the pitfalls of wanting more stuff. It says that if something doesn’t make us “laugh and sweat and surprise ourselves” then it’s just another thing. We’re also told:

“As malls fill up and credit cards overheat, let’s get back to what really matters.”

So I turned the pages to find out what really matters. As it turns out, what really matters is a $350 YETI brand cooler that keeps snacks ice cold and dry. Also, lots of expensive shirts, jackets, and shoes. A $400 GoPro camera really matters. As does a $35 “Stanley Shaker Happy Hour System.”

REI, please don’t pretend you are somehow morally superior regarding consumerism, while at the same time suggesting that we buy your costly YETI coolers. Just admit that you’re no different than any other retailer trying to cash in on the holidays. We’ll respect you more.

If you really want to be different, make “opted out” the default for receiving glossy paper catalogs from you. Stop making your name so prominent on clothing and gear that I can’t use it without feeling like a walking billboard. 

Finally, if you’re worried about credit cards overheating, stop asking me to get an REI-branded credit card. 


creativity 2014 – fabulous stuff falls out of the sky


In June I should receive a brand new book that I helped Kickstart:
Bikes in Space 2: More Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction
How could this be anything but great? Artisan words crafted in Portland. There will be more blogage about that when it arrives.

Also in June, I’ll be wielding a special giant back scratcher. All I have right now is the basic bare-bones ingredients. The shoe is included for scale. The end product, and the costume, will be far more colorful, I guarantee.


Sometime in July I’ll receive Sundae & Goessl’s new album, which might be titled 1930s POP! Or maybe it’s not titled yet. I helped Kickstart that one, too.

That’s all for today. I’m sure I’ll be adding more to the list.