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musical tesla coils

I had no idea people were making music with Tesla coils these days until Gretchin sent me the first link below.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies

Toccata and Fugue in d minor, BWV 565

My personal hope is for musical thunderstorms. The wind blowing on trees and structures can be the wind instruments, the thunder the percussion, etc. Make it so.


the man who loved lightning

I recently finished reading a biography of Nikola Tesla. A couple highlights:

– At a lab outside of Colorado Springs, Tesla produced bolts over lightning more than 100 feet long, and blew out the town’s power system.

– Tesla believed that electricity was good for one’s physical and mental health. When he was despondent he would send electrical energy through his head. “I have passed 150,000 volts through my head and did not lose consciousness, but I invariably fell into a lethargic sleep some time after.” (Note: with proper manipulation of current and frequency, high voltage will not electrocute you, but don’t try this at home.)